Can You Wash a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Pad?

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Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

A Tempur-Pedic mattress pad is designed as a 3-inch topper for any bed. It is ideal for traveling or for making a bed feel more comfortable. The pads offer similar results to a full mattress system, though they are not as comfortable. Eventually the pad will need to be cleaned from accidental spills, dirt and oils. While the pad itself cannot be washed, the protective cover can be laundered.

Accidental Spills

Fortunately the foam of a Tempur-Pedic mattress pad is so dense that when a liquid spills directly on it, the liquid will remain on the surface for a short time before soaking into the foam. If this happens, immediately place a dry absorbent cloth over the spill to soak up as much liquid as possible. With regular use and a protective cover, you will not need to wash the mattress pad; simply clean the cover.

Set-in Spills

If liquid is spilled unknowingly or a child wets his bed during the night, the liquid can have time to soak into the foam pad. To clean the stain, pour a small amount of mild detergent only on the area of the spill, rinse with cold water and let air dry. Pour natural laundry boosting powder on the damp area, and let it absorb the moisture for at least six hours before vacuuming up the powder. This may not completely remove a stain but is your best chance for restoring the foam to its original state.

What to Avoid

Never try to wash a Tempur-Pedic mattress pad by cleaning it in a washing machine or soaking in water. Allowing water to penetrate the foam will reduce its resiliency, and it will no longer hold its shape. Do not use chemicals or chlorine bleach, which can damage the foam beyond repair.

Washing the Cover

Though Tempur-Pedic mattress pads are stain, spill and allergen resistant, using a protective cover will protect the pad. The removable cover of Tempur-Pedic mattress pads can be cleaned in a large washing machine either at home or at a laundromat. Using cold water and a mild detergent, wash the cover using the machine's gentle cycle. Do not use harsh chemicals, stain removers or chlorine bleach, which can damage the fabric.

Drying the Cover

One of the best ways to dry a Tempur-Pedic mattress pad cover is by air drying on a clothesline either inside or outdoors. If this is not possible, it can also be dried in a large dryer. Using the machine's coolest temperature setting, dry the cover until it is nearly dry. It should be removed just before it is completely dry to prevent damage to the fabric from overheating. Check the drying progress every 30 minutes to ensure the cover does not over-dry.


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