How to Clean Tefal Iron

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Things You'll Need

  • White vinegar

  • Thick cloth or towel

  • Ironing board or table

  • Water

Tefal steam irons come with a variety of features, including "Anti-drip" and "Easy-Cord" system. Regardless of the type of Tefal iron you own, routine maintenance prevents unwanted stains from appearing on items you iron. Maintenance also eliminates minerals that keep the iron from removing all of the wrinkles in your clothing. Flush out the Tefal iron a few times a year with a household liquids to clean the iron's plate and water reservoir safely and thoroughly.


Step 1

Empty all liquid from the Tefal iron.

Step 2

Fill the water reservoir of the iron roughly 2/3 full with white vinegar.

Step 3

Place a thick cloth or towel onto an ironing board, table or similar flat surface.

Step 4

Plug the iron in. Turn on its "Steam" setting.

Step 5

Hold the iron upright over the towel as the vinegar empties through the iron's plate. Set the iron upright on the cloth/towel if you cannot or don't wish to hold the iron during the process. Leave the iron on until most, if not all, of the vinegar is gone.


Step 6

Unplug the iron. Wait about 10 minutes so the iron's plate cools. Then, wipe the plate with the same cloth or towel used in Steps 3 and 5.

Step 7

Place a clean towel onto the flat surface.

Step 8

Fill the iron with cool tap water. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 to finish cleaning the iron.



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