How to Get That Strange Ring to Stop Showing up in Your Toilet

You scrub your toilet working extra hard to get rid of that yucky ring and within a couple days that darn ring is back!! The ring is actually a build up of hard water stains that collects bacteria every time you use your toilet which then grows and turns that funky pink, yellow, brownish color. Here is an easy trick to get rid of it for good!

Gross Toilet Ring

Step 1

Put on your cleaning gloves! Take the pumice stone and use it to scrub away the rings in your tub. The rings tend to form around the edge of the water level and where the water pours into your toilet. Pay special attention to these areas. You should be able to feel the porcelain smooth out as the hard water build up is scrubbed off.

Step 2

Next, clean your toilet as usual! Depending on how bad your hard water is you should only have to use the pumice stone once ever couple of months.

Step 3

Enjoy your ring free toilet!