How to Change Kenmore Vacuum Belt

The belt on vacuum cleaners is attached to the brush that loosens dirt and debris in your carpet or other floors. Over time the belt degrades and becomes loose and makes the cleaner less effective. In some instances the belt breaks, and the vacuum becomes inoperable. The belts on some vacuum cleaners are difficult to replace due to the design of the machine. Kenmore designs its vacuum cleaners to allow easy access to the belt.

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum cleaner, and place a piece of paper under the nozzle. The paper will protect your floor from dirt or debris that may come out of the nozzle when the cover is removed.

Step 2

Turn the two nozzle cover latches to the "Unlock" position. The latches are on the upper left and right sides of the nozzle cover.

Step 3

Hold the back of the left and right side of the nozzle cover, and lift up to remove it from the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4

Grab the right and left sides of the agitator. The agitator is the piece with the brush on it that is located in the front of the nozzle.

Step 5

Pull up on the right side of the agitator and then the left side, and remove the belt from the motor drive shaft. If the belt isn't broken, remove the belt from the right side of the agitator.

Step 6

Clean any hair or string that is built up on the agitator. The vacuum cleaner will work with more efficiency if you clean off the agitator.

Step 7

Place the left end of the agitator back into position in the nozzle. The left end has a cap on it that fits into a slot in the nozzle.

Step 8

Wrap the replacement belt around the pulley on the motor drive shaft, pull it forward and wrap the other end around the pulley on the right side of the agitator.

Step 9

Place the right end of the agitator into the nozzle by pulling it forward. The new belt will offer resistance. Pull hard, but don't yank on the agitator.

Step 10

Press down on both sides of the agitator to ensure it is seated properly in the base. Turn the agitator by hand, and check that it rotates without any resistance. If it doesn't turn freely, check that the belt is in the center of both pulleys.

Step 11

Set the nozzle cover back on the nozzle, and turn the cover latches to the "Lock" position.