How to Run a Bleach Cycle Through a Water Softener

Water softeners use rock salt to neutralize hard water. A water softener has a large tank called a brine tank. This is the tank used to house the rock salt. As water flows over the salt, it drains from the tank and goes into a conditioner. This conditioner then sends the filtered water to your home's water system. You can clean this system by running a bleach cycle, which kills bacteria in the water system.

Step 1

Locate the brine tank and remove the lid. Measure across the top of the brine tank with a tape measure to determine if you have a 9-inch tank or a 12-inch tank.

Step 2

Pour 1 cup bleach into a 9-inch tank or 2 cups bleach into a 12-inch tank. Place the lid back onto the brine tank.

Step 3

Locate the cycle panel on the water conditioner. Configure the control module to run a manual recharge cycle. This process depends on the unit you own. Refer to the owner's manual if the process is not clearly displayed on the module.

Step 4

Do not use water in the home for drinking until you run the manual recharge process.