Heat pumps are electrical units that provide central heating and cooling year round. During those hot and muggy summer months, or during those subzero cold winter months, heat pumps can ensure room temperatures are comfortable for your entire family. If your heat pump is not blowing cool or warm air, or if it is not coming on, check the fuses and reset them, if necessary.

Step 1

Locate the electrical panel next to your outdoor heat pump. It is usually a small metallic box located next to the heat pump.

Step 2

Locate the circuit breakers (fuse) inside the electrical panel. If they are on, turn them off and then turn them back on to reset them.

Step 3

Check the blower/furnace inside your house for a second fuse. Depending on your unit, it usually located right next to your indoor unit. Once you locate the fuse switch, turn it off and then turn it back on to reset it.

Step 4

Check for a third fuse on the wall next to your outdoor heat pump. Once you locate it, turn it off and then turn it back on.