The Average Life of Window Air Conditioners

Air conditioning provides welcome relief from the summer heat. Many homes and apartment buildings have central air conditioning. However, people without central A/C can still get relief with a window unit. Keeping a window unit well maintained is the key to its longevity.

Time Frame

The average lifespan of a window air conditioner is 10 years. However, how the air condition is maintained will significantly affect its longevity.

Effects: Use

The lifespan of a window air conditioner depends on how much it is used. Running the unit all day every day will result in a significantly shorter lifespan than occasional use.


Check the filter on your window air conditioner once each month. The filter on window units an be accessed from the front of the air conditioner and it is often washable/reusable. Keeping the filter clean will help ensure longevity.

Prevention: Leaks

Check your the hoses on your air conditioner for leaks. This often involves minor disassembly of the unit, so it is best to have the air conditioner inspected by a qualified A/C repair person.


Keep the air conditioner clean. Cover the unit during the winter, and make sure that the air intake vents on the back of the unit remain clean during the summer. This reduces stress on the compressor (the heart an A/C unit) and will lengthen its life.


All air conditioners are not the same. The quality of the manufacturing significantly effects longevity. Only purchase a window A/C unit from a reputable company that is known for producing quality appliances.

Jerel Jacobs

Jerel Jacobs is a freelance journalist who began writing in 2007. In addition to personal projects he has written for eHow,, LIVESTRONG.COM and other sources. He attends Piedmont College located in central Virginia where he studies visual and performing arts.