How to Find Your Perfect Bed Scarf

A bed scarf is a fancy term for a strip of fabric along the foot of the bed, where an extra blanket traditionally lies. The bed scarf, also called a bed runner, often graces the bed in high-end hotels as it protects the expensive linens. You can easily make your room as elegant as a hotel or country chic with a bed scarf. Finding your perfect bed scarf does not require any special knowledge.

A scarf protects the bed from pets, briefcases and luggage.

Step 1

Analyze your color scheme. Think about the color on the walls, the hue of the furniture and the present color of your comforter. Light color linens with a bold scarf and matching pillow case work wonderfully. Alternatively, you can have a dark comforter and select a light scarf. The scarf can match an accent or wall color.

Step 2

Assess your material needs. A scarf protects your linens from suitcases and pet hair. Some materials are even moisture resistant. Heavy material will move less. You can add extra warmth to your feet with a down-filled bed scarf.

Step 3

Measure your bed by placing the end of the measuring tape 3 or 4 inches above the edge of the top blanket on the left or right side of the bed, drawing it across the top of the bed and note the measurement 3 to 4 inches above the edge of the top blanket on the opposite side. If you cannot find one to fit exactly, choose a bigger one and hem it to fit.

Step 4

Search for your perfect bed scarf at brick and mortar stores or online. If you cannot find one, you can make your own with a sewing machine and fabric or you can hire a seamstress.

Step 5

Spread the bed scarf on your bed. It should lie about 3 to 5 inches from the bottom edge of your bed.