How to Troubleshoot an LG Front Load Washer That Will Not Drain

There are two main problems that might cause your LG washer to stop working. The first is a pinched drain hose. The easiest way to fix this is to simply move the washer so that the drain hose is no longer caught between the appliance and the wall. The other cause of a washer not draining is a dirty drain filter. Cleaning a drain filter takes a little more work, but it should not take you more than a few minutes to complete.

Step 1

Flip open the drain pump filter access panel, which is found at the bottom left of the front of the washer.

Step 2

Unclip the drain hose from the washer and pull the hose outward. Place the end of the drain hose into a bucket or pan.

Step 3

Take the plug off the end of the drain hose and allow the water to empty into the bucket.

Step 4

Turn the pump filter counterclockwise and pull out to remove the filter. Remove any debris from the filter.

Chad Buleen

Chad Buleen is a Society of Professional Journalists-award-winning newspaper journalist and magazine editor with more than 10 years experience. He is a senior magazine editor at an international children's publication. Buleen holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications with an emphasis in print journalism from Brigham Young University-Idaho.