How to Stop a Samsung Washing Machine from Vibrating

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Samsung Electronics is a division of the South Korean company the Samsung Group. It sells washing machines and top- and front-loading gas and electric dryers. Certain Samsung washing machines feature "Vibration Reduction Technology," which allows the machine to spin at faster speeds without the annoying vibration. If your washer has this feature but is vibrating, the machine might not be standing on a level surface or laundry has been loaded improperly.


An unlevel surface might be the main reason why the washing machine is vibrating. Place a bubble level on the machine. See whether the machine is standing level from front to back and from side to side. If not, boost up the lowest end with wood shims. Or, place a 3/4-inch piece of plywood under both the washer and dryer to keep both machines at the same height. The floor beneath the washer also must be stable. Repair the floor if it is unstable before reinstalling the washing machine.

Packaging Material/Feet

Remove all packaging material before operating the machine. Shipping bolts may still be connected to the washer if it is vibrating a lot. Remove them. The machine also has four feet that help keep it from vibrating. Check the feet, and verify that the jam nuts are tight. The weight of the washing machine should be evenly distributed on all four feet. Hold the washing machine diagonally and try moving it. Do this on both sides. If the washer moves even a little, it will vibrate during the washing cycle. Adjust the feet higher or lower until the washer is level.


Loading clothing properly also will help keep the washer from shaking. Open the washer's lid to stop the machine and redistribute the load around the agitator when the machine shakes during the spin cycle. Do not overload the washer. Remove a few items if you suspect this is the reason for the machine shaking. Balance heavy and light clothing. If you are washing a large, bulky item, add a few smaller items. If your load is too small, add a few towels to even out the load.

Additional Problems

Always allow enough clearance around the washing machine. The washer might knock against an object, causing a lot of noise. Stop the washer when you hear rattling inside the machine. Remove loose items such as coins or buttons. Gurgling and humming noises are normal for the machine.

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