How to Replace a Heating Element in a Whirlpool Duet Electric Dryer

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Use a Phillips-head screwdriver for this project.

Whirlpool Duet electric dryers are a line of front-loading models designed for residential use. The dryers rely on a heating element to heat the air that circulates within the drum as the clothing tumbles. If the heating element becomes damaged or otherwise fails, the clothing in the dryer will not be adequately dried. Replace a faulty heating element to ensure that your dryer works efficiently.


Step 1

Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Slide the dryer away from the wall until there is enough room to get behind the dryer and work.

Step 2

Remove the screws holding the rear access panel in place. Lift the access panel away from the Whirlpool Duet dryer.

Step 3

Remove the single screw at the top of the element assembly holding the heating element assembly in place. The heating element assembly is a rectangular metal canister. Disconnect the electrical wires connected to the heating element assembly.


Step 4

Pull the heating element assembly out of the dryer through the access panel.

Step 5

Remove the single screw on the bottom of the heating element assembly. Slide the old heating element out.

Step 6

Insert the new heating element into the assembly. Replace the screw on the bottom that prevents the heating element from sliding out.

Step 7

Replace the heating element assembly into the dryer cabinet through the rear access panel. Plug the electrical wires back into their sockets on the heating element assembly.


Step 8

Replace the screw that holds the heating element assembly in position.

Step 9

Replace the rear access panel. Replace the screws that secure the panel in position.


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