The dual-action agitator is a washing machine agitator found exclusively in top-loading machines. While top-loading machines can have other types of agitators, the dual-action agitator is a poular type used in homes and self-service laundry facilities.

A dual-action agitator is found in top-loading washing machines.


The dual-action agitator uses a peanut-shaped "dog" gear to create a back and forth motion as the agitator moves in a circle. The mothion is similar to a person walking in a circle, but doing it by taking two steps forward and one step back, except much faster


The function of the agitator is to move the clothing in a way that pushes water through the fabric, removing the dirt. As the dual-action agitator is moved forward, the fins on it lightly grab the clothing forward and outward. In addition, there are secondary fins at the top of the agitator that force the floating or top clothing down to the bottom fins.


In deciding if a washing machine with the dual-action agitator is right for a buyer's needs, it is important to remember that no front loading machine has this agitator. Another consideration is whether the buyer is comfortable with the cleaning process used by the dual-action agitator.