Error Code F11 on the Maytag Epic Front Load Washer

The Maytag Epic Front Load Washer is part of the Epic Z series of washers. If your washer displays a message code, something is wrong. The error code F11 could mean your washer needs service.



The F11 code means there is an electrical with the Maytag Epic washer. This could involve wiring, fuses or a number of other issues.


Press the "Pause" button twice to stop the current cycle. Press the "Drain" button to remove any excess water. Try to run the washer again. If the F11 code repeats, shut the washer off and contact a service agent.


The F11 code could appear as other F codes. F01, F03, F04 and F05 all indicate electrical issues with the washer.


The problem may be with the outlet your washer uses. Stop the washer, remove the plug and try it in another outlet to see if the F11 error code goes away.


The FH error code may be mistaken for the F11 code. The FH code signals a water supply issue and has nothing to do with electrical problems. Check the LCD screen to ensure you read the proper code.