Kenmore Washer F33 Trouble Code

Modern washing machines have built-in self-diagnostic technology. When this technology discovers a problem, it displays a fault code, also referred to as "trouble codes" and "appliance repair fault codes," on its fascia panel. The codes help owners and service engineers pinpoint and resolve the problem. A Kenmore washer displaying the fault code "F33" has one of several problems.

Today's laundry equipment is designed to avoid catastrophic failure.

System Leak

The machine is programmed to detect the entry of water into the washing drum within 30 seconds of a cycle commencing. If it does not, it displays the fault code "F33" and turns off the supply valves. The machine assumes water is reaching the machine and is leaking out before reaching the drum. In fact, the problem is more often with water reaching the machine. Check the supply valve has not been inadvertently switched to "Off," and that there are no kinks or blockages in the water pipe.

Pressure Switch Trip Failure

If the machine is operating correctly, eight minutes after switching on the supply valves the flow meter should report that 10.5 gallons of water have entered the washing drum. At that point the pressure switch should trip. If it does not, or if the central control unit does not detect that the pressure switch has tripped because of a break in the circuit, it will shut down operation and display fault code "F33." Check that there are no holes in the washer tub that have caused less than 10.5 gallons of water to accumulate. Check the flow meter is functioning. Check for holes in the pressure switch hose, especially in the area where it passes close to the outer bowl of the rotating drum.

Pump System Error

Fault code "F33" can also indicate an error in the pump drive system. Check the pump's resistance with an ohmmeter. Check the electrical harness is securely installed on the pump's connector multiblock.

Central Control Unit

If none of the checks detailed above reveal a fault, it is probable that the central control unit, or CCU, is faulty. If this is the case the water supply, the flow meter, the pressure trip switch and the pump system could all be working correctly, but their information is being ignored or misinterpreted. Check that all connections to the CCU are clean and tight.

Resolving the Problem

To clear the display of any fault code, press the "pause/cancel" button as per the manufacturer's instruction manual; usually, this is done twice in quick succession. Disconnect power and water supplies to the machine before carrying out any diagnostic work or repairs. If the owner's manual does not give instructions specific to resolving the problem as diagnosed, numerous workshop manuals are available online.

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