How to Troubleshoot Front-Load Washing Machines

Washing machine problems are always irritating and no one wants to pay for repairs, especially if you find out later that you could have fixed the problem at home. Troubleshooting steps guide you through the process of elimination involved in rectifying minor technical issues. Many of the most common problems arise from faulty electrical or water supplies. Selecting the wrong cycle or set of options can also cause unexpected problems.

Check your front-load washer for commonly occurring problems.

Step 1

Check the basics first. Make sure you have pushed the "Power" button on the control panel, entered cleaning instructions, closed the door and pressed "Start." Your front-load washer will not move until all of the preceding steps are completed. Some appliances require you to hold "Start" for at least five seconds.

Step 2

Turn off the child lock while you enter your instructions. Hold the button marked "Lock" or a padlock icon for a few seconds until the controls start working (usually about three seconds). The washing machine usually beeps or displays text on the display when the controls are locked.

Step 3

Unplug the washing machine for five minutes while the internal computer resets. While you wait, plug something else into the outlet to test the power supply. A blown fuse or tripped breaker will cut off power to your washing machine. Double-check that the outlet is switched on, if possible. Reconnect the power and try the appliance again.

Step 4

Check the water input pipes at the back of the washing machine for kinks or twists. The washing machine could be standing on its water pipes preventing the drum from filling properly at the beginning of the cycle. Ensure that the hot and cold water supply valves where the pipes meet the wall are open while you have access to the back of the appliance.

Step 5

Washer fewer clothes in one load; an overweight drum will not spin in many washing machines for safety reasons. Take out the heaviest items or simply break the load in half and try again. Wash smaller loads in the future if this step resolves the problem.