How to Troubleshoot an Ice Maker on a Samsung Refrigerator

The Samsung Corporation is known for a variety of electronic and home products, such as cellular phones, televisions, microwaves and refrigerators. J.D. Power and Associates ranks Samsung's major home appliances and kitchen appliances at the top of their class. If your Samsung refrigerator's ice maker ceases to function, troubleshoot it before calling the company to take advantage of its warranty.

Step 1

Inspect the water supply line behind the Samsung refrigerator. Free the line of kinks, crushing. It should be undamaged. Replace the line if necessary. Fully open the water shut-off valve.

Step 2

Set the ice type option to "Cubed" or "Crushed." Inadvertently shutting off the ice making function will cause it to stop working.

Step 3

Open the freezer and look into the ice maker bucket. Remove any blockages, and if any ice is frozen into the bucket, take the bucket out and run warm water over it to remove it. Dry the bucket and return it to the ice maker.

Step 4

Adjust the freezer temperature to a colder setting. A too-warm freezer will prevent ice from forming and dispensing.