How to Use the Rainbow Vac As a Humidifier

Rexair LLC, manufacturer of the Rainbow vacuum, was created in 1929. Rainbow vacuums are known for their water filtration system, rather than bag or canister dirt collection. Over the years, Rexair has made improvements on the original Rainbow vacuum, but it still relies on water filtration. One unusual function of the Rainbow vacuum system is its potential use as a humidifier, air cleaner and deodorizer.

Step 1

Fill the water reservoir with cool tap water. Do not fill higher than the water-level dome.

Step 2

Place the power unit on top of the water reservoir. Match the air intake openings on both pieces to ensure proper alignment. Fasten the latches, located on each side of the water reservoir, to secure the system.

Step 3

Plug the vacuum's electrical cord in to a working wall outlet. Turn the vacuum on. Leave it in the area you wish to humidify.

Step 4

Check the water level every so often while the vacuum is running as a humidifier. Turn off, unplug and refill the water reservoir when the level is low.