What to Do for a Lennox Gas Fireplace That Won't Light

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A gas fireplace provides heat for your home but also adds a decorative touch to a living room or common room. The fireplace pushes fuel through an attached fuel line and with the touch of a button, you light the piece. When your Lennox fireplace will not light, it typically indicates a blocked flue. The fireplace has a system in place that stops the appliance from lighting, in case of a clog.

Reset the Fireplace

Inside the fireplace is a small red button — a manual reset. The button should sit inside the fireplace and along the top edge. Remove the tiny screws holding the button down and press down once, until you hear a soft clicking sound. Release the button and attach the screws. Try lighting the fireplace again. If the fireplace still does not light, it indicates a block or clog in the flue.

Gas Pressure

If the fireplace lights and immediately goes out, the problem indicates a gas pressure problem. This often occurs when you have multiple devices running off one fuel line. Even if you split the line with the proper components for other appliances, you still risk an uneven movement of the gas through the different lines. Try turning off the other gas appliances in your home and lighting the fireplace. If the fireplace lights properly and holds a flame, you must change the fuel transportation system or use a larger fuel tank. Your natural gas provider should change the connectors. When you have the right connectors properly installed, the fireplace should work as directed.

Wiring Issues

For Lennox fireplaces with a remote control starter or wall starter, the issue might relate to the wiring. Even one loose wire stops the fireplace from turning on and off. If you have a remote control starter, check the batteries inside to ensure proper function. On a wall starter, push down on the remote until you see a flame appear inside the fireplace. If the fireplace does not turn on, you likely have a wiring problem.

What to Do

For gas pressure problems, contact your natural gas provider. If you have a problem with wiring or you reset the fireplace and it still does not work, contact Lennox. Your fireplace might have loose wiring inside or have a problem with the connectors. Lennox will cover repairs on fireplaces still under warranty.


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