Instructions for the TACO 265 Clock Timer

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The Taco 265 Clock Timer and Temperature Aquastat is designed for use with Taco circulators in domestic hot water recirculation units. The Taco 265 has a 24-hour analog timer that can be set in 15-minute on/off intervals. It also has a seven-day programmable digital timer that can be set to run at various times each day. The temperature control for the Taco is manufactured to automatically turn on at 95 degrees Fahrenheit and turn off at 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Analog Timer

Step 1

Move the minute hand around the dial in a clockwise direction until you reach the exact desired time of day. Pay attention to the the AM and PM setting to make sure it is on the desired time of day.

Step 2

Push the "Timer" lever on the face of the unit into the "Manual" position.

Step 3

Set the desired on/off times in 15-minutes intervals by pushing the trippers around the clock face away from from the face for "ON" operation and towards the face for "OFF" operation.

Digital Timer

Step 1

Press the "Reset" button on the front panel to clear any previous settings. The display will show "AM." If you do not see "AM," the unit is in military time mode and you need to press the "h" key to change from military time mode.

Step 2

Press and the hold the "Timer" key (with the clock symbol) and the "h" key to advance and set the hour to the desired time hour.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Timer" key and the "m" key to advance and set the minute to the desired minute time.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Timer" key and the "Day" key to advance and set the desired day. Note that "1" equals Monday, "2" equals Tuesday and so on.


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