How to Clean a Lasko Wind Tunnel Fan

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Clean cloths

  • Water

The Lasko Wind Tunnel fan is an oscillating fan designed for use in a single room or small space, and offers three different speeds and a pivot feature that focuses the air in a more powerful blast. The fan comes fully assembled in the box when and can be bought on the Internet or in home retail or department stores. As with all small home appliances, the Wind Tunnel fan should be cleaned on a regular basis to help prevent the buildup of dirt or dust that might be distributed into the air during use.


Step 1

Turn off and unplug the Wind Tunnel fan.

Step 2

Set the fan face down on a flat, stable surface. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the rear grille and pull off the side knobs.

Step 3

Lift off the grille from the back of the fan. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the fan blade. Do not wipe down the motor or get the motor wet.

Step 4

Dry the fan blade with a clean towel and wipe away any other dirt or dust inside the fan.

Step 5

Reassemble the grille and tighten the screws. Replace the knobs on each side of the fan.



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