How to Fix a Drip Coffeemaker. Drip coffeemakers are fairly simple appliances that rely on gravity to drip heated water over ground-up coffee. If you don't clean your drip coffeemaker regularly, coffee and minerals can build up in the water passages and can cause the unit to stop working. Read on to learn how to fix a drip coffeemaker.

Step 1

Check the power cord and the outlet to make sure your drip coffeemaker's cord is in good condition. If there is evidence of a rip or tear in the cord, replace the cord or plug.

Step 2

Clean your drip coffeemaker with a white vinegar and water solution, if your coffeemaker appears to be clogged. Create a vinegar and water solution and flush the concoction through your coffeemaker pump. This will help dissolve build up in your coffeemaker. If you do this once a month, your coffeemaker pump won't clog.

Step 3

Unplug the coffeemaker and inspect the pump valve. Water won't rise through the fill tube if the pump valve is stuck or broken. If your pump is sealed, replace the pump. If the pump valve is accessible, make sure there is no coffee grounds or mineral deposits around it.

Step 4

Look to make sure the brewing switch is in good working order. Remove the baseplate on your drip coffeemaker and test the switch with a volt-ohm meter. Set your volt-ohm meter on the RX1 scale. If your switch reads zero ohms, your switch works fine. If it reads anything other than zero, replace the switch.

Step 5

Look at the tube connectors, if your coffeemaker is sputtering, leaking or steaming. Leaks in pump coffeemakers are often due to faulty tube connectors. Unplug the coffeemaker and fill the reservoir with water. If water leaks from an elbow, clean the mating surfaces before replacing it. If your water leaks from a tube connector, replace the tube and mating elbow to ensure a good fit.