How to Adjust a Jenn-Air Oven Thermostat

The thermostat on a Jenn-Air oven determines the temperature at which your food will cook. If you find that your oven is actually cooking at a temperature that is different from what your thermostat is reading, you can adjust the thermostat to a higher or lower temperature so that it is accurate. Adjusting the thermostat does not require you to know how to make mechanical changes to the appliance.

Step 1

Press "Setup Menu" on the oven's front panel.

Step 2

Touch "Temperature Calibration."

Step 3

Touch "Right Oven" or "Left Oven" (if necessary).

Step 4

Press "Next."

Step 5

Press the "-1" button if the oven is too hot. Press the "+1" button if the thermostat is registering a temperature that is not warm enough. You can adjust the thermostat as many as +35 or -35 degrees.

Step 6

Press "Save."