Toastmaster Bread Machine Instructions

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Toastmaster Bread Machine Loaf of White Bread

A Toastmaster Bread Machine is a wonderful appliance for baking your own bread in the comfort of your own home using the ingredients of your choice. Knowing a few simple things about your bread machine will ensure that your bread comes out as wonderful as you are expecting.


Prepare Your Machine

Unplug the machine. Open the lid and lift the metal handle on the bread box--a metal square container for holding the bread. Lift it straight out. There should be kneading blade included with your unit. Insert it into the bread box on the shaft, with the flat side of the blade on the bottom.

Add Ingredients

Add all your liquids to the bread box, followed by the dry ingredients, smoothing them flat with the back of a spoon or rubber spatula. Then add the yeast on top. If you are not sure about recipes for your bread maker and the ingredient amounts, follow the link in Resources for more information. Put the bread box back into the bread machine, snap it into place and fold down the metal handle, and replace the lid.


Start the Machine

Plug the machine in and press the power button. A display will show the default options; change them depending on your preferences. Press the start button. The time remaining will be displayed. Leave the machine alone until it finishes its cycles.

Remove the Bread

Remove the bread from the machine by lifting the metal bread box handle; use an oven mitt, as it will be hot. Turn the bread box over and remove the bread loaf. Let it rest for about 30 minutes on a rack. Remove the kneading blade from the bottom of the loaf and set aside for washing.


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