How to Locate Magic Chef Model Number

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Magic Chef is a line of brand name products built by Maytag, a company that manufactures many popular kitchen appliances. It may become necessary to determine the model number of your Magic Chef appliance in order to purchase replacement parts. Or it may be useful to have the specific model number for your own research purposes. Fortunately, Magic Chef model numbers can be located easily.


Step 1

Click on the "model number guide" found in the Resources section of this article. A new webpage should appear.

Step 2

Select the type of appliance for which you need a model number. To select the appliance type, click on the image associated with your Magic Chef device. For example, if you need the model number for a Magic Chef stove, click on the image of a stove. A new webpage containing a diagram should appear after you click on the image.


Step 3

Use the diagram to locate the information plate on your appliance. The information plate is a small sticker or metal plate that displays the device's model number and serial number along with other manufacturer information. The diagram will help you to find the information plate by illustrating the most common places it can be found. However, because the diagram is not manufacturer-specific and because different manufacturers place information plates in different spots, you will most likely need to check more than one of the diagram's recommended locations before you find it.

Step 4

Locate the model number. The model number will be displayed on the information plate and can be a series of numbers only, or it can include letters as well. The model number should be labelled, in order to distinguish it from the serial number, which can often look very similar.


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