Panasonic Microwave H95 Error Code

When the error code "H95" appears on a Panasonic microwave, the appliance is inoperable and requires repair. Understanding the "H95" error will help you understand how the microwave operates and other errors that may occur with Panasonic microwaves.


The "H95" error will appear on the LCD screen in the same place as the timer. Depending on the model, it may appear as "H -95," "H:95" or "h-95." Unplug the microwave and plug it back in after 30 seconds to make sure the message did not appear because of a simple glitch. If it does not come up again, use the microwave as normal.


The "H95" error means that the microwave's inverter has shorted out and does not work any more. The microwave cannot transfer power to create heat, and the part has malfunctions and requires replacement. Use your microwave serial number and Panasonic customer service to find the proper part for the microwave.


Your Panasonic microwave comes with a warranty that will cover the inverter if the warranty is still valid. Call the number for the warranty department or bring the microwave, with receipt, back to the store you purchased it from. This will save you the hassle of replacing the part.

Other Error Codes

The "H95" error code can also display as "H96," "H97" and "H98." All of them define different parts of the inverter, but the whole inverter requires replacement no matter what error code appears. Make sure you read the error code correctly when reporting it for repairs or warranty information.

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