My GE Profile Dishwasher Will Not Turn Off

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The GE Profile dishwasher is a line of high-powered GE dishwashers that includes the SmartDispense technology to ensure balanced detergent dispensing for each load, based on the load's weight. The dishwasher features a six-level wash system and automatic temperature control and sensing to detect when a load is ready to proceed to the next step of the cleaning cycle. A performance problem that prevents the dishwasher from completing is often because of a load imbalance. Heavier loads require longer cleaning times, additional water use and higher water temperatures.


Drain Issues

A clogged drain prevents the dishwasher's water from draining properly and causes the dishwasher to remain stuck in a cycle. Drain clogs typically occur when improper detergent is used to wash your dishes, because the detergent's consistency can easily clog the drain hose. The drain hose is located on the left side of the dishwasher and requires manual clearing of obstructions to restore the dishwasher.


An interruption occurs when you've accidentally bumped the dishwasher's door or someone pulled the door out, because the dishwasher's door is sensitive and automatically stops a cycle to prevent water from leaking or spilling out. The "Start" button on the front of the control panel flashes when the cycle is interrupted, and it remains paused until the door is closed and latched.


Air Gap

Some dishwashers have an air gap that cuts off water flow in case of a clog in your sink and prevents proper dishwasher drainage if it is clogged. The air gap typically is located next to your sink's faucet fixture and requires cleaning to eliminate clogs. A sharp tool is suggested to clean the air gap, which should never be subjected to drain cleaners because of the risk of chemicals draining into the dishwasher.

Power Failure

A recent power failure in your home disrupts the dishwasher's control panel and requires a reset to restore use of the dishwasher's controls. Temporarily disabling the power through your home's circuit breaker or fuse box for 30 seconds resets the controls and automatically drains water currently in the dishwasher once the "Start" button is selected.



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