How to Fix a Loose Handle on a Bosch Dishwasher

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Things You'll Need

  • Hex-head screwdriver

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Flashlight

Some Bosch dishwashers have a common problem with the door handle coming loose. Often, this is caused simply by normal use. In other instances, it may be caused by the screws being stripped from overuse of the door handle. Bosch home appliances generally have the same access and troubleshooting methods for repairing common problems. Tightening a loose handle on a Bosch dishwasher quires only a few tools and simple steps.


Step 1

Turn off the Bosch dishwasher's power by opening or turning off the breaker dedicated to the appliance at the main electrical panel in the house or garage.

Step 2

Open the dishwasher door about 1/4 of the way open and hold it in that position.

Step 3

Locate the hex screws on the sides of the door panel, near the inside of the door, and loosen them. Do not completely remove all of the hex screws from the door, so they can hold the door guards in place.


Step 4

Grasp both sides of the door. Have someone loosen and remove the hex head screws to gain access to the inside of the door. Put the door in a near-closed position and remove the outer door panel from the inner door panel by pulling it down and away. In some instances, this make take a few attempts.

Step 5

Locate the door handle assembly screws in the outer door panel. Tighten the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver and then reassemble the dishwasher door. Align the inner and outer door panels and replace the hex-head screws. Turn the breaker back on.


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