How to Remove the Front Panel From a Fisher Paykel Dishwasher

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Fisher-Paykel dishwashers, also known as DishDrawers, have two drawers that pull out of and push into the dishwasher, similar to a cabinet drawer. Unlike a standard dishwasher, the DishDrawer dishwashers contain two separate compartments, and both compartments can be set to the same or different wash cycles. The front panel of each door is removable and can be replaced if damaged or if you would like to install a custom cover that matches your existing cabinetry.

Step 1

Turn off the dishwasher breaker in your service panel.

Step 2

Pull open the DishDrawer with the panel that you would like to remove.

Step 3

Locate the round pins on the bottom of the each side of the drawer, located near the front of the drawer.

Step 4

Grasp the center bar of the pin with the pliers and pull it straight out. Repeat for the pin on the other side of the drawer.

Step 5

Pull the front of the drawer down to free it from the handle top tabs.

Step 6

Slide the grounding wire off of the panel and then remove.


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