How to Replace Receivers in Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Circuit tester

  • Wire nuts

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes have a receiver wired to the fan. The receiver tells the ceiling fan how you want it to operate. If the remote fails to make a connection with the receiver, first check that both the remote and the receiver are operating at the same frequency. If they are and the remote still fails to connect, the receiver probably needs to be replaced. This is a straightforward project. You do not even need to remove the ceiling fan to replace the receiver.


Step 1

Turn off power to the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan from the main power source. Use a Phillips screwdriver to back out the screw holding the fan canopy in place. Twist the canopy slightly and lower it down to expose the broken receiver and the electrical wires. Test the electrical wires with a circuit tester to see if they are safe to work with.

Step 2

Remove the wire nuts connecting the receiver's wires to the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan's wires by twisting them toward the left. Separate all the wires and slide the broken receiver out of the fan's hanging bracket.


Step 3

Slide the new receiver into the fan's hanging bracket. Hold the receiver's black wire and the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan's black wire together. Twist a new wire nut over the two wires. Make sure to twist the wire nut until it no longer turns.

Step 4

Hold the receiver's white wire and the ceiling fan's white wire together and twist a wire nut over them. Hold the receiver's green wire and the ceiling fan's green or bare copper wire together and twist a wire nut over them.

Step 5

Fold all the wires so they will fit inside the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan's canopy. Lift the canopy up to cover the hanger bracket. Twist the cover slightly so it locks into place. Replace the screw you removed in Step 1. Restore power to the ceiling fan.



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