How to Troubleshoot Bunn Ultra-2

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Do not attempt to inspect or repair electrical components. These parts must be inspected or repaired by a qualified service technician.

The Bunn Ultra-2 is a gourmet ice system designed for commercial use. It is equipped with a touchpad display that guides you through preventive maintenance. The machine is covered under a full one-year warranty that covers the cost of parts and labor. The cost of parts is covered for an additional year. The compressor and electronic parts are covered under additional warranties. If the Bunn Ultra-2 develops a problem, try troubleshooting the machine before calling for warranty service.

Step 1

Plug a small appliance into the outlet to ensure the outlet is working correctly if the machine has no power.

Step 2

Check the display to see if the machine is in "DAY" mode if it chills but does not freeze. Press the touchpad key in the upper left corner to change the machine to "DAY" mode, if needed.

Step 3

Press the touchpad keys with a picture of a snowflake on the bottom of the keypad to change the dispenser to "ICE" mode if it still does not freeze. The display must show "ICE" in all upper case letters for the correct mode.

Step 4

Turn the auger on by pressing the touchpad keys with a picture of a snowflake on the bottom of the keypad to turn the augers on. If the augers do not work, turn the machine off and have the augers inspected for wear or damage. If the augers turn in only one direction, have the control board replaced by a professional.

Step 5

Press the touchpad key in the upper left corner to set the machine into "ICE" or "CHILL" mode if the machine does not cool. If the compressor does not run when the machine is set to "ICE" or "CHILL" mode, ensure the machine is plugged directly into an outlet and not an extension cord. If it still does not chill, have a professional check the refrigerant level.

Step 6

Use the machine indoors if the mixture freezes but is not thick enough. If the ambient temperature is too warm, the mixture will not thicken.

Step 7

Ensure the dispenser is in "DAY" mode if the hood lamps are not working. Press the touchpad key in the upper right corner to turn on "DAY" mode.

Step 8

Fill the hopper if the liquid level becomes low and "Temperature Sensor Error" is displayed. The drum is not adequately covered and the drum temperature has dropped. If this does not correct the issue, call for service.

Step 9

Call a service technician if the machine displays "Torque Sensor Error."


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