How to Change Belts on a Frigidaire Washer/Dryer Combo

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Replacement belts

Frigidaire makes combo washer/dryer units for residential use. These one-piece laundry centers are appropriately sized for apartment dwellers who want the convenience of in-house laundry but don't have space for full-size appliances. Access to the belts on these units are gained by removing the front panels with a screwdriver and basic mechanical skills.


Step 1

Disconnect power to the washer/dryer combo unit.

Step 2

Remove two screws from the bottom of the washer front panel. Pull down on the panel to release it from the tabs, then remove if. Set the front panel aside.

Step 3

Press in on the idler pulley, then turn the belt and roll it off the pulley. Remove the washer belt. Reverse steps 2 and 3 to install the new washer belt.

Step 4

Remove two screws from the access cover. The access cover is the slanted panel above the washer top cover. Pull up on the cover to disengage two locating tabs, then pull the cover off. Set the access cover aside.


Step 5

Remove six screws holding the heat shield in place. Remove the heat shield, then set it aside.

Step 6

Push the idler pulley to the left to disengage the belt, then remove the belt from the pulley.

Step 7

Remove four screws holding the console to the dryer unit. Pull down and out on the console, then let the console hang. Remove two screws from the bottom of the dryer front panel

Step 8

Unplug the dryer door switch connector by depressing the connector tab with your fingers, then pulling the connector off.


Step 9

Remove four screws holding the dryer front panel to the top frame of the unit. Pull the panel forward, then remove it. Set the panel aside.

Step 10

Raise the front of the dryer tub slightly, then slide the belt off. Reverse steps 4 through 10 to install a new dryer belt.

Step 11

Connect power to the washer/dryer unit.


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