How to Troubleshoot a Beckett Oil Burner

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrenches

  • Oil filter

  • Owner’s manual


Get an annual tune-up for your Beckett oil burner to ensure safety and efficiency.

Keep your oil lines clean and avoid nozzle clogs by using Beckett FuelArmor annually.

Oil-heat equipment has an efficiency advantage of about 16 percent over gas, according to the Beckett Corp., as well as offering owners of electric furnaces a savings of 50 percent or more when converting to a new oil unit. Keeping your Beckett burner running efficiently will help keep these savings in your pocket.


Step 1

If your oil burner is blowing out black smoke, call a heating technician to have the burner adjusted and cleaned. Ask the technician to clean the boiler and adjust the flame and air intake.

Step 2

If your unit is not sparking and refuses to light, an electrode might be improperly positioned. Check your owner's manual to make adjustments if needed. If this does not correct the problem, you may have a faulty transformer that will need to be professionally replaced.

Step 3

If your Beckett burner will not ignite due to a clogged nozzle, you can replace the nozzle or clean it to adjust the fuel flow. You will need two wrenches to remove the nozzle for cleaning. Turn off the power to the unit and check your owner's manual for steps to safely perform this operation. Most heating professionals recommend replacing the nozzle for best results.


Step 4

If you see a yellow flame in the burner rather than the normal blue one, check to see if the air intake on the fan needs adjustment. Test this by tweaking the squirrel cage baffles on the side of the burner until the flame returns to normal.

Step 5

Oil filters should be changed at least once every two years. Change the filter by removing the bolt from the filter cover and pulling out the cylinder that houses the filter. Pull out the old filter and replace it with the new one. Tighten the bolt on the cover.


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