The Oven Door in My Kenmore Stove Does Not Close All the Way: Does the Spring Need Replacing?

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An oven door that won't shut properly results in poor baking.
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The Kenmore brand is valued for its quality appliances, but they do require replacements parts at times, such as the springs in an oven door that won't close completely. If your Kenmore stove door does not close all the way, it causes a loss of heat during the baking process and often results in the light staying on. This wastes energy and does not allow the food to bake correctly.

Reasons Springs May Wear Out

The springs on a Kenmore stove may wear out due to age and frequent use of the oven. If the appliance is relatively new, but you bake daily, the springs may be one of the first items that require replacing. Another reason the springs wear out is because the cook opens the door and lays a heavy dish on it, such as a roasted turkey or beef roast. This results in unnecessary strain on the springs.

Troubleshooting the Kenmore Oven Door

Open the Kenmore oven door, and inspect the springs with a flashlight. Look for a spring that is sprung, worn or broken, and replace it if necessary. Sometimes the problem is not the springs but the metal sections that allow the door to pivot -- the hinges. Check the hinges for any signs of wear, obstructions or bent sections. This often occurs due to strain on the oven door.

Remove the Kenmore oven door by opening it fully and then slowly closing it until you feel a resistance. This is the first stopping point for the door. At this position, pull the door straight out to examine the hinges. Straighten the hinges with a pair of wire pliers if this seems to be the problem. Also, spray the hinges and springs with an oil stating that it's appropriate for items exposed to high heat. Open and close the oven door to determine whether this fixes the problem. If not, the hinges may need to be replaced. It is best to replace both hinges at the same time to ensure that the door works properly.

Where to Buy Springs

Kenmore-brand ovens are sold at Sears, and the parts are available at the stores or online. Some hardware, appliance and home supply stores may have springs that work in the Kenmore stove, as many ovens use standard springs. Many models are equipped with a combined spring and hinge assembly, so you might have to replace both or hire a repairman to do it.

Replacing the Springs

Check your owner's manual and any protection agreements you purchased when you bought your Kenmore oven. They might include a service call free of charge to repair your oven. If the oven is old and no longer is under the warranty or protection agreement, remove the old worn-out springs and take them with you to the store to purchase new ones. Detach them from the door by slipping the hooked ends off the the areas where they are attached. The springs and spring/hinge assemblies are relatively inexpensive and are worth the replacement time to ensure that your oven bakes properly.

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