How to Adjust the Temperature on a Dometic Refrigerator

Setting your Dometic refrigerator to the correct temperature prolongs the life of your fresh food and reduces the speed of food spoilage. You might find water drips from your refrigerator if it is set too hot; ice starts to form when the refrigerator is set too cold. Configuring your refrigerator is straightforward using the digital temperature controls. You might need an aftermarket thermometer if you need to know the precise temperature of your Dometic appliance. The temperature control only lets you set levels of cooling (high to low) that do not correspond to actual temperatures.

Having your refrigerator operate at its ideal temperature keeps your food fresher for longer.

Step 1

Locate the thermometer icon button to the right of the different sized ice crystal icons.

Step 2

Tap the thermometer button; the light cycles behind the various ice crystal sizes.

Step 3

Stop tapping the button when the biggest crystal icon is illuminated. The Dometic refrigerator is now cooling at maximum capacity.

Step 4

Wait at least 24 hours for any temperature changes to take effect. The refrigerator's motor will run for longer periods of time while it works to reach the new target temperature.

Jon Stefansson

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