Hoover Agility Steam Vac Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Hoover carpet-cleaning solution

  • Hot water

  • Vacuum

Hoover recommends vacuuming with a standard vacuum before using the steam vac.

The Hoover Agility Steam vacuum uses hot water and a special detergent to clean soiled carpets. The steam vacuum's brush system scrubs the carpet to remove any residue that may have formed on the carpet's surface. This Hoover carpet cleaner is similar to machines you can rent from grocery and home improvement stores, but having your own at home can save you both time and money.

Fill Solution Tank

Step 1

Press the upper handle release button to release the fill tank. This button is on the front of the vacuum just above the tank.

Step 2

Remove the tank and unscrew the cap by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.

Step 3

Turn the cap over and fill it with carpet-cleaning solution. Pour the solution into the fill tank. If you're cleaning a carpeted surface, you need to add two capfuls of detergent. An upholstery surface only requires one capful of detergent.

Step 4

Fill the tank with hot tap water up to the tank's fill line. The tank will hold about 1 gallon of hot water.

Step 5

Screw the cap on tightly and secure both latches on the outside of the tank. This will help prevent leaks.

Step 6

Place the tank onto the bottom of the cleaner. Apply pressure until you hear a snap, which indicates that the tank is locked into place.

Cleaning Carpet

Step 1

Plug in the steam vacuum and then step on the handle release pedal and lower the arm handle. Turn on the vacuum.

Step 2

Squeeze and hold down the trigger on the back of the handle to release cleaning solution onto the carpet. Do this while you slowly push the steam vac forward and then pull it backward toward you. Hoover recommends cleaning in small strokes rather than large ones.

Step 3

Release the trigger and push the steam vac over the area you just covered with detergent. The steam vac will pick up the dirty solution during this time. If you don't see any dirty solution coming up through the bottom front of the steam vac, continue pushing the steam vac over the area. Do not let out more solution. Repeat this process throughout the room you are cleaning.

Step 4

Let the carpet dry. Don't walk on the carpet until it is dry. Hoover recommends opening windows and doors and turning on a fan to speed up the drying process. This will also help prevent mold and mildew from growing. It may take a few hours to dry.

Step 5

Vacuum the carpet again with a standard vacuum once the area has dried. The vacuum will pick up any residue left by the steam vacuum.


Hoover recommends testing a hidden area of the carpet with the detergent to test for colorfastness. You can do this by wetting a white cloth or paper towel with some of the detergent and then rubbing it onto a small area of the carpet. Wait 10 minutes before blotting the area with a clean towel. If any color rubs off, don't use the detergent.

When you're ready to clean the carpet, remove any furniture you can and use a standard vacuum cleaner to pick up any dirt, hair, lint or debris on the carpet.


Hoover recommends using only Hoover detergent on its products. According to the owner's manual, any other brands may damage the steam vacuum.

Before you fill the solution tank, make sure the vacuum is unplugged.


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