How to Diagnose Dishwasher Problems

In the grand scheme of things, a dishwasher is a fairly simple machine. It doesn't have a clutch like a washing machine or a drive belt like a dryer. Still, the parts can malfunction from time to time. Here's how to analyze what's troubling your dishwasher.

Any problems with your dishwaser? Here's how to troubleshoot it

Step 1

First check the manual to see if the machine has a specific troubleshooting guide.

Step 2

Note all sounds or other symptoms the dishwasher shows.

Step 3

Look for some of the more common problems. This includes water temperature deviations, poor washing, failed motor, overflows or leaks or door-latch problems, among others. Anything that can't be dealt with through your troubleshooting guide needs the use of a professional. Check for obvious causes, like blockage in any area or extremely dirty situations affecting water flow.