Watermelon ‘Fries’ Will Be the Snack of the Summer

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If there's ever been a quintessential summer food, it's watermelon. From pickled watermelon to a whipped watermelon cocktail, there are endless ways to serve up the tasty fruit. But we came across a new watermelon hack on TikTok that's sure to be the snack of the summer: watermelon "fries."


On TikTok, Heather of @happykidskitchen shared a quick and easy watermelon "fries" and yogurt dip recipe that anyone can whip up in a matter of minutes.


To make the watermelon "fries," use a crinkle cutter to slice pieces of the fruit. As for the dip, Heather recommends blending plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with three to four strawberries and adding some honey to sweeten it if needed. Refrigerate, serve chilled, and enjoy this refreshing summer treat.


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