New York Is the ONLY State In the U.S. That Prefers This Interior Design Style Over Any Other

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Most people who visit New York City leave thinking, "There's no place like it" — now whether that's good or bad depends on the person. And while that might feel more like a general vibe than a cold-hard fact, a recent study from interior design studio Hovia proved that, at least in some instances, that gut instinct isn't wrong.


The studio recently launched an investigation into the most popular interior design styles across each state in the U.S., analyzing Google Trend data to determine each one's preference. Unsurprisingly, the modern farmhouse style topped the searches in 32 states (thank you ‌Fixer Upper‌) while feng shui came in second, the preferred style of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico. Among other popular styles are rustic and coastal. And then came New York, which proved once and for all that it is — at least on some level — different, with data indicating that it is the single state where industrial style is the top choice.

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Given that approximately 43% of New York's population lives in New York City, it's not shocking that the style inspired by city living reigns supreme. The industrial style leans cold, prioritizing solid metals, wood beams, and exposed pipes, and it's probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "city loft." Those looking to achieve this style want an intentionally unfinished appearance, with the often hidden details adding instant character to the space.


In addition to New York, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oregon were also alone in their picks. According to the study, Arkansas preferred an eclectic style, Mississippi gravitated towards French country, and Oregon's taste leaned midcentury modern.



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