8 Acrylic Coffee Tables to Make Your Living Room Look (and Feel) Bigger

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From strategically placed mirrors to high-hanging curtains, there are numerous ways to make the rooms in your home look and feel bigger. But when it comes to purchasing a coffee table with a similar goal in mind, designers suggest going ghostly with a transparent material, like acrylic.


"Acrylic coffee tables are great for small spaces because they don't add any visual weight and are still functional," Sagrada Studio designer Hema Persad tells Hunker. Better yet, they're also versatile and simple to style. "They pretty much go with any aesthetic that leans modern regardless of color palette."

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Want to try one in your space? Ahead, we've rounded up a handful of options that run the gamut in sizes, shapes, and even colors. From Amazon favorites to investment pieces you'll keep forever, read on to discover our recs.


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8 Acrylic Coffee Tables You Can Buy Online

For the most popular take on an acrylic coffee table, add this Amazon pick to your cart. It's top-rated, reasonably priced compared to its counterparts, and available on Amazon Prime. Your newly upgraded, larger-feeling living room is just two days away.


If you're curating a home that feels youthful, bold, and fun, an iridescent acrylic coffee table might be for you. This one shifts from pink- to blue-toned depending on the light and angle but still accomplishes the goal of making your space feel lighter and airier.

Extra short on space but still need somewhere to put your coffee, books, or feet? Shrink your coffee table search and opt for a side table instead. These are easy to move around based on your needs and provide the same functionality that a coffee table would.


Are you both a minimalist and outdoorsy type? Allow us to recommend the Timber Table by Gus* Modern. It's a transparent, box-style side table that features a light wood grain pattern around its entire perimeter. Create a full-size coffee table by adjoining two or more in front of your sofa.

The Domenique Table by Ivy Bronx offers a moodier take on a minimalist acrylic coffee or cocktail table. Instead of clear acrylic, it features a smoky dark gray throughout its geometric design. Pair it with complementary accents, like stainless steel and other neutral hues, for an elevated living room.


Turn heads in your living room with the Modloft Cabrini acrylic coffee table in pink and orange. Its clean, minimal design is offset by its bold and eye-catching color palette to create a piece that feels totally original.

Want to infuse your space with color without going over the top? This three-piece set of nesting side tables from CB2 can help. Each one is a different shape and subtle color — including blue, green, and pink — and can be easily arranged in any format. Best of all? They make great outdoor tables too.


For a modern coffee table that's also undeniably glam, try this option from fan-favorite brand Safavieh. It features acrylic, glass, and gold-tone metal for a unique final product that stands out in any living space. Thanks to its transparent and neutral materials, it also looks great with any coordinating decor.



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