The Best Coffee Tables to Accentuate Your Living Room, According to Designers

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It is easy to focus on a trendy couch as the statement piece for your living room. But, what about the coffee table? While it can often be seen as furniture that needs to be more functional than fashionable, a coffee table could potentially make or break the overall aesthetic of your living room.


Finding the right coffee table may actually accentuate your existing design scheme in the room where you and your family spend most of your time. Paired with advice from designers, the following coffee table recommendations are sure to do the trick.

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1. You can't go wrong with a classic design.

There's nothing wrong in deciding to go with a classic coffee table that will forever accentuate your space — especially if it has uniquely shaped legs that spice things up. Interior designer Chloe Dominik recommends buying "a coffee table that is classic in design, that will go with almost anything and any style in the room you place it in."

Chloe's pick:Crate and Barrel Elke Rectangular Marble Coffee Table, $1,159

Our pick:Article Amoeba Coffee Table, $379

2. To get rid of clutter, find a multipurpose coffee table.

Sometimes you truly need a coffee table that does it all. "The coffee table has to be my favorite piece of furniture," interior designer Chris Alexakis tells Hunker. "Every living room needs one stylish yet simple coffee table to not just hold your ... snacks, [but also your] reading books and statement decor pieces."


Alexakis recommends a traditional square coffee table that comes with two storage compartments for stashing away your books and magazines. "It creates a perfect balance where vintage meets modern vibes," he explains.


Chris's pick:Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table, $285.59


Our pick:Homary Chic Round Wood Storage Coffee Table, $270

3. A clean, uncluttered table will never fail.

"A simplistic design has a timeless appeal," interior designer Andra DelMonico of Trendey tells Hunker. When speaking about her table pick, she says, "The warm wood flared legs support the white tabletop, creating a balance of color and design that makes this table the perfect accent to any home. This is an ideal coffee table for someone who appreciates clean and uncluttered design."


Andra's pick:AllModern Soho Storage Coffee Table, $370

Our pick:Custom and Modern Classic Coffee Table, $725

4. Go for the unexpected.

A traditional living room sometimes needs something unexpected. It could be an unconventional texture or furniture that spotlights a unique shape. "For a feminine and sculptural pop of style, this petaled coffee table makes a joyful statement," Atlanta-based interior designer Kevin Francis O'Gara tells Hunker. "This coffee table is perfect for a contemporary family room or [as a] playful contrast to a traditional sofa."



Kevin's pick:Kevin Francis Flower Marble Coffee Table, $506

Our pick:Rove Concepts Maria Coffee Table, $1,499

5. Choose a table that will work with several decor styles.

If you're someone who likes to redecorate often, you may want to consider a coffee table that will fit with different design styles. "A table with a rustic vintage style will complement most decor," Kate Diaz, an interior designer and co-founder of the Swanky Den, tells Hunker. She also likes that this wood table has a storage space for books, magazines, and other items. An added bonus is this table is easy to assemble.


Kate's pick​: Bidugesi Farmhouse Wood Cocktail Table, $215.98

Our pick:Sun at Six Ovie Coffee Table, $1,350



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