8 Stylish Couches That Are Actually Comfortable

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At the height of the pandemic, we spotted a tweet by Taylor Lorenz that made us laugh. It said: "It's time to bring back comfy couches. Now that we're all living at home we need to be cozy. Midcentury design is over."


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Now, we'll never give up on our precious midcentury design — nor should anyone — but we have to admit Taylor might be onto something. Midcentury models that are en vogue tend to have uncomfortably low backs, shallow seats, and hard, upright arms. And with the home being more of a sanctuary than ever, there's no reason to invest in an uncomfortable, albeit attractive, sofa.


That's why we hunted for the few sofas that have it all. We scrupulously examined dimensions (seat depth is key), read countless reviews, and even purchased one of these couches for our own living room. Thus, we present to you eight stylish sofas that are also super comfortable.

1. Anthropologie Relaxed Saguaro Sofa, starting at $2,598


Features like slouchy, down-filled cushions, a deep seat, and pillows designed to slope over the arms make this cute sofa incredibly comfortable. Propped up on a warm, French oak base and matching legs, the piece is covered in Valencia linen fabric that brings softness to any space.


2. Burrow Arch Nomad Leather Sofa, $2,295

Made of supple Italian leather with a tailored design, this modular sofa has ergonomically engineered arms that slope for optimal comfort. The cushions are created with a special three-layer foam and fiber combination that allows them to feel plush when you sit but also maintain their shape over time. Plus, there is a built-in USB charger and power cord so you're never straining to reach your device.


3. HAY Mags Soft Low Sofa, $2,395

Plump and casual, this deep, ultramodern sofa is from the beloved Danish brand HAY. It's at once minimal and eye-catching, with rounded edges and cushions densely packed with down-wrapped foam. Invented with lounging in mind, it's the perfect balance between artsy style and snuggly comfort.


4. Lulu and Georgia Belmont Sofa, $2,898

Velvet is the pinnacle of grand decor and this sofa is as luxurious as its material. Imagined by designer Ginny Macdonald, the couch merges British and California sensibilities. Of course, it's a stunning centerpiece, but sumptuous, overstuffed cushions and a deep seat make it ideal for naps and long bouts in front of the televisions, as well.


5. West Elm Harmony Sofa, starting at $1,799

West Elm calls The Harmony its most comfortable sofa ever — and we believe it. The seat is deep, the cushions are plush, and there are both lumbar and arm pillows for additional relaxation. Plus, the dark walnut legs are sleek and modern, as is the boxy shape.


5. Urban Outfitters Juliette Tufted Velvet Sofa, $1,399

This scalloped, velvet sofa provides an elegant, vintage look and desirable dimensions. A deep, single cushion makes every seat a good one, while the adorable, spherical feet elevate the piece just a bit off the ground. It's a statement item you'll never want to leave.

7. SCP Tepee Sofa, $7,400

Inspired by the simplicity of the hammock, this fashionable sofa has a pure cotton canvas sling that holds together the pillowy duck feather cushions. Supported by a solid oak frame and dowel-like cylindrical legs, the piece is supremely comfortable for laying and beautiful to admire.

8. Article Timber Sofa, $1,499

While it's definitively midcentury, this deep sofa doesn't have the typical stiffness and unfortunate proportions associated with the style. Instead, it's an updated version, with fluffy cushions filled with feathers and foam that flank the arms to create cozy corners and sit high in the back for support. The honey oak wooden trim and angled, tapered legs still offer that trendy, retro vibe.