This Clever Dollar Tree Hack Creates Extra Bathroom Storage

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There are few things more satisfying than transforming vertical space into extra storage. Not only is it helpful for decluttering flat surfaces, but it can help decorate and fill up a room. But luckily, you don't have to spend a pretty penny to make it happen, as @homegoodiys recently proved on TikTok.


In a video tutorial, the content creator used materials from Dollar Tree to make a vertical hand towel holder. First, they repurposed a seasonal wooden sign by flipping it over and gluing wooden tumbling blocks (from a tumbling tower game) at equal intervals.

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Next, @homegoodiys coated the entire piece with black acrylic paint, though you can also use spray paint. Finally, they installed it in their bathroom wall using heavy duty double-sided tape. And just like that, a hand towel holder was born.

If you want to recreate this project, make sure the wooden sign and blocks are about the same width. Alternatively, you can glue two blocks side by side if you want to use a wider sign.

Now, if you're unable to find the exact supplies at Dollar Tree, don't worry. You can easily buy similar materials at craft stores. It's also worth checking out thrift stores for Jenga-style games, which are a great source of cheap wooden blocks.


Happy making!

Other Dollar Tree DIY projects:

While we're on the topic of handmade storage solutions, consider picking up a wire dish rack at Dollar Tree. By bending the prongs flat, you can turn into a useful wall mail holder. (It's yet another way to use that vertical space!)


If you're looking for more outdoor storage, take a tip from @jaymundeediy on TikTok. Their Dollar Tree storage solution turns a broomstick handle, zip ties, and over-the-door hanging racks into a handy holder for pool items.



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