This Hack Flattens Rug Corners Perfectly Using an Item You Already Have

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TikTok is full of genius home hacks like this Target tape hack and this paint hack for wood. Now, genius creator @functionalforyou has offered us a neat rug trick that will make those pesky rolled edges disappear.


A rug can bring a space together in a way that furniture simply cannot — plus, we all know the excitement of bringing home a new tarp for your space. However, with an area rug comes those pesky curled corners that just won't go away no matter how much you try to push them down. Typically, these come from the rug being rolled up when you buy it.

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Luckily, the TikToker's hack will make them disappear for good. All they do is place a handful of ice cubes on the rolled corner of their rug and weigh it down with a jar. Once the ice melts, the corner will now lay flat. Easy!


Commenters were skeptical and even worried about creating mold on the carpet, but the influencer addressed this in the post's caption. "[I want to] reassure everyone that this will not create a mold or mildew situation," they wrote. "It is just a few ice cubes after all."

Some users even took to trying the hack for themselves — and many were pleasantly surprised. "I didn't believe it ... I tried it and it really worked," said one person, while another exclaimed, "It worked! I did it too!"

Well, there you have it. Curled rugs, begone!



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