This Paint Hack Will Prevent Damage on the Wood Surrounding Your Windows

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If the algorithm feeds you paint hacks, you might have come across a product called Jasco Mask & Peel, a liquid masking tape that protects glass when you're painting your window frames or French door trim. It allows you to skip the taping part of the process and be as messy as you please with your paint job.


All you have to do is cover your window pane with this primer, let it dry, and then apply paint over the frame without worrying about getting it on the glass. When the paint dries, you take a box cutter, trace around the edges of your window, and peel off both the paint and primer.

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Sounds great, right? Well, maybe not.


In an Instagram post, Scott Sidler of The Craftsman Blog (@thecraftsmanblog) points out the issue with this supposed window painting hack.

Unless you're painting perfect edges along your window panes, you're probably getting some of the liquid masking tape on the frame itself. So, even though you're using a box cutter to remove the paint and primer that's on the glass, there's still some primer under the paint on the wood frame.


"It's also going to peel off of the wood," notes Sidler in the video. "It peels off of the area you don't want it to peel off, even though you've cut it with a razor."

This would leave you with areas of missing paint along your window frame or trim, and Sidler claims the only real way to avoid this is to learn how to paint clean lines.


However, commenters on the Instagram post were quick to point out something else. "And … paint scrapes off of glass so I never understood why people don't just scrape the paint off the glass," wrote one user.

If painting straight lines is just not in your skill set, you can achieve the same end goal (without paint on the glass) with painter's tape.

The options are infinite — it's all just a matter of personal preference.



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