This New Sandwich Cookie Flavor at Trader Joe's Is Making Customers Salivate

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Ever since Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream was discontinued, we've been dreaming of the day when another cinnamon bun–flavored dessert would take its place. That day has finally arrived — thanks to one of our favorite grocers. Trader Joe's has just launched new Cinnamon Bun Inspired Joe-Joe's (aka sandwich creme cookies — think Oreos), and they're an absolute delight.


Retailing at $3.49 per box, the cookies combine the flavors of graham crackers, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla to evoke cinnamon bun vibes.

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"They make a great mini dessert for school lunches, a fun treat when dunked in milk (or your favorite non-dairy alternative), and, of course, an excellent anytime indulgence whenever you need something sweet and cinnamon-y," wrote Trader Joe's about the cookies, which are a limited-edition item.

We came across these tasty treats on the @traderjoeslist Instagram account run by creator Natasha Rochelle, where commenters on the original post were equally ecstatic about the find.

"I need these in my life," wrote one Instagram user. "Ohhhh these look dangerous," said another.


And from the people who already tried the cinnamon bun cookies, there were some pretty glowing reviews. "These are so tasty. They actually kind of remind me of Dunkaroos from the '90s," wrote one Instagrammer. Cinnamon buns and a dose of nostalgia? Sign us up!

Of course, Trader Joe's also sells ‌realjumbo cinnamon rolls, but we have to admit we're a fan of Joe-Joe's cookies' snack-size portions and easy portability. But hey, to each their own.



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