This Parenting Hack Might Make Mealtime Easier for Kids Who Are Cautious Eaters

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If you're the parent of a particular eater, you've probably tried countless techniques to help them enjoy more foods. However, if your little one is a fan of dinosaurs, we might have found the perfect solution — and it costs just 20 bucks.


Shared by user @jaylabrenae5 on TikTok, the Funwares Dinosaur Meal Set may be just what your cautious eater needs. The plate is designed to look like a dinosaur dig site, complete with a miniature removable crane and bucket for condiments and side dishes. (So clever!) The actual plate is also divided into four sections, making it easy to keep foods separate.


"I wish restaurants served my food like this," said one user on TikTok. "Okay, but why do I want this for myself," chimed in another person. Many individuals also offered other creative dinner ideas, such as a "dinosaur world" meal featuring broccoli "trees," dinosaur nuggets, and orange chicken gravy as lava. Love it.

On the product's Amazon page, the reviews are also positive. "I love finding fun things to help engage my twins when it's time to eat. This is so great for that," commented one reviewer. "It is made of sturdy plastic and the crane for the dipping sauce is such a great concept to gets kids interested in meal time," shared another person.

If you think your inexperienced eater will enjoy the plate, be sure to pick one up at Amazon. According to the product page, the plate is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and best for children ages 18 months older.


How else can you engage kids at mealtime?

Another technique for getting kids interested in food is to allow them to help cook. This can be as simple as mixing ingredients, squeezing bottles, or sorting items into different bowls. It's an excellent way to encourage creativity while instilling an appreciation for food.



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