This Genius Recipe Is Perfect for Using Up Leftover Thanksgiving Potatoes

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Some may argue that the croutons on a salad are the best part. Since they are not exactly vegetables, the saltiness and crunchiness of the bread can make a leafy green salad a little more enticing. But croutons made of potatoes? Brilliant! TikToker @bakedbymelissa recently shared step-by-step instructions for turning Yukon Golds into crispy salad toppers — and the results are delicious.


The creator starts by cutting up three Yukon Gold potatoes into small cubes, about half an inch wide. She then tosses the potatoes in a bowl, douses them with olive oil, and adds garlic, salt, pepper, dried oregano, and Parmesan cheese.

After another drizzle of olive oil, the creator puts the potato mixture onto a baking sheet and bakes the potatoes for an hour at 450 degrees. She recommends mixing the potatoes up at the half hour mark to be sure each side gets baked evenly. When the timer runs out, the potatoes come out crispy and golden brown, with a very satisfying crunch.


The comment section is a flurry of excitement and many mention that this is a delicious gluten-free alternative to regular croutons. Parents are also excited because this recipe seems to be great for kids. "This is now our go-to potato preparation. My kids ask for it!" one user shared, while another one wrote, "I did this and the potatoes never made it to the salad — my boys ate them up!"


Whether you have kids or not, putting potatoes on a salad is an excellent idea that has us looking forward to our next helping of leafy greens. This could even be a creative options to use up those leftover Thanksgiving potatoes.


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