You Can Now Find the Embroidered Napkin Trend at This One Grocery Store

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Although we certainly didn't need another reason to love Trader Joe's, the grocery store has just given us one. Per a TikTok video by user Kristiana Noel (@kristiananoel), the chain is now selling the most adorable embroidered napkins that depict a variety of fresh produce.


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As shown in the video, each package comes with two sets of four cotton napkins, and per the comments (and a Reddit thread dedicated to the napkins), each set retails for $9.99.


Judging by the internet's reaction to these napkins, there's a chance they might sell out fast. Some commenters already noted that their local Trader Joe's stores were out of stock. "I live in NYC and I've seen people go feral for these," commented one user.

On top of the high demand, they're also a limited-edition item for the holidays, per one commenter who identified themselves as a Trader Joe's employee. So, before you run to your nearest Trader Joe's, it might be wise to call ahead to check its stock.

Just remember that they are cloth napkins, so they'll need to be washed — likely by hand, given the embroidery — though we won't tell anyone if you run them through a delicate cycle in your washing machine. (We would just suggest putting them in a mesh bag first.)

If you were looking for yet another sign to head to Trader Joe's, this is it.



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