You'll Never Believe Which DIY Home Projects Were Trending This Year

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We love a good DIY project — and there's no better way to personalize a home reno task while saving a little money. As it turns out, we're not the only ones. Today, Google released its 2022 Year in Search, sharing the top trending searches in a variety of categories since January, like top TikTok recipes and trending kitchen cabinet colors.


Naturally, we were drawn to the DIY section of the list, and we were pretty intrigued by the results.

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1. DIY cucumber trellis
2. DIY raised garden bed with legs
3. DIY headboard
4. DIY loft bed
5. DIY built in bookshelves
6. DIY screened in porch
7. DIY pool heater
8. DIY pool vacuum
9. DIY lampshade
10. DIY chicken waterer

We're not too surprised about the typical home improvement items on the list, like raised garden beds, built-in bookshelves, and headboards. And while a cucumber trellis is a pretty specific thing to be Googling, cucumbers are pretty easy to grow in the backyard, so they're more common than you might think.

However, we have to say, our heads turned at "DIY chicken waterer." Apparently, there's been a surge in chicken ownership this year, because a chicken waterer is a device used to provide water to chickens. (Yes, that is a bit obvious now that we're looking at the phrase.)


Water is, of course, essential for chickens — according to the Carolina Farm Steward Association, they drink about a pint a day. Since people usually have multiple chickens, it's best to create a watering system that allows them all to drink at once, multiple times a day, without having to refill.

While we were caught by surprise that "DIY chicken waterers" was a top trending search on Google this year, we're just glad chicken owners are doing right by their flock.



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