These Are the 10 Trendiest TikTok Recipes of 2022

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This year was a good year for food — especially on social media. TikTok users have taken to the app to share their favorite and most unique concoctions, with quite a few having gone viral. With so many delicious recipes that surfaced this year, you may want to take a look back on the biggest hits, but that's a lot of scrolling.


Luckily, Google just released its annual Year in Search report based off data from 2022. The numbers reflect top trending searches, meaning that these recipes had a jump in traffic over a period of time this year, as measured in comparison with the year prior.

Video of the Day

1. Cinnamon roll
2. Pink sauce
3. Grinder sandwich
4. Green goddess salad
5. Cowboy caviar
6. Marry me chicken
7. Salmon rice bowl
8. Pot roast
9. Mexican rice
10. Crab rangoon

A few notable ones made the list like Emily Mariko's salmon rice bowl that seemed to shake the internet. The creator first combined leftover salmon and rice with sriracha and Japanese mayo. Mariko scoops up the mixture with avocado and seaweed, ultimately creating a makeshift sushi roll. While the video was originally posted back in 2021, "salmon rice bowl" saw a spike in search in 2022.


Other delicious treats on the list include cowboy caviar, a loaded Mexican food-inspired dip, and pink sauce, a dressing that simultaneously intrigued and disgusted viewers everywhere.

All of these recipes landed in the top 10 for a reason, so you're certainly going to want to check them out if you haven't already. Time to get cooking!



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